Festivals are great places to sample different foods. Taste of "Cincinnati" had a diverse sampling of ethnic foods.
Taste of Cincinnati-2011
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The Wine Corner
Travel with us and participate in cooking classes in countries throughout the world.
Italian, Spanish, French and German.
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With summer now  here some great fresh vegetables are now in season. check the Chefs Website for some interesting ways to cook them

Here at the Ethnic Cooking and Culture kitchen we have been grilling pineapple. With it's high content of sugar they carmelize beautifuly. 

Also try grilling some eggplant, zucichini, and yellow squace  sprinkle with some olive oil a little salt and pepper and you have a great side dish. .
......comments from chef Michael
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Now that "Spring is here"  why not Grill some great steaks.
Check out these steaks !!!!!!! They go great with roasted potatoes cut in rounds about a 1/4 inch thick then brush with olive oil,add some salt and pepper,and put them on your grill, For a great vegetable side dish brush asparagus with olive oil ,salt and pepper and place them on your grill too. Be careful with asparagus since they cook very quickly (aprox 5 Min.).

The veggie basket is great for you Gourmet cooks. For more information log on the the chef's website above. "Great gift for someone". 
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                                   Ethnic Cooking And Culture  

                                            CELEBRATING FOODS FROM ALL NATIONS 
This web site is dedicated to celebrate and preserve the integrity of the food and culture of ethnic backrounds. 
At Ethnic Cooking Culture Center we really Believe the following:
When we sit and break bread all conflict ends before we come to the table. 
All of us are responsible for preserving the cultures of our ancestors. 
Culture Defines Society. It fuels our differences and highlights our similarities.
Visit our site often to help us improve and add to our site so that we may all  stay in touch with ourr families culinary and cultrual heritage.
We encourage feed back from our visitors to improve the  site and want to know what interests you have. Send all responses to:
Visiting festivals is fun and very entertaining. Usually there is some great authentic foods and our staff loves to visit these events. 
This has become a Favorite of mine. A Romantic Lobster dinner at home with the one you love. You will be a hit without any great amount of culinary skill. The presentation is awesome. In fact you cook the meal in the container the lobster is shipped in.
Just peel some of the outer leaves cut off about a 1/4 inch of the top,and trim some of the stem. Then I cut the prickle tips with a scissor. After it is trimmed steam in a covered pot for about 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour. I serve them with a melted butter & garlic dipping sauce with some grated parmesan cheese.
Try the grilling accessories available on the "Chefs website".
The artichoke was my mothers favorite side dish. She passed away recently. At almost 90 years old she enjoyed a steamed artichoke.
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This is how we prepare artichokes in our culinary kitchen:
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The Ethnic Cooking and Culture team is always on the move and visiting different places all the time. We are gathering news and interesting stories for our web visitors and of course always looking for new recipes.
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Grilling is a culture all its own with the famous "Bobby Flay" Whom I consider the King of the Grill.  But now you women are starting to take over the Grill. Recently I read an article that noted many grill manufactures are designing grills with women in mind. 

So Bobby you may have to have a "Through Down"  with women and grilling against "Bobby Flay".
 The Travel Corner
Lobster anyone!!!!!



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With our return from Israel we posted some recipes on our Featured Recipe Page. These are great recipes we tried while we were on our trip. You just have to try them, they are great summer dishes.